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One key way in which scaffolding contractors can protect themselves from accidents is by the specification and maintenance of proper programmes of independent scaffold inspection. By law scaffolds must be designed and erected, then inspected before first use and weekly there after by a competent person. Failure to perform these inspections has lead to numerous accidents, many of which have had fatal consequences.

Winters Safety Services lLimited can help you avoid scaffolding disasters like this one in CardiffThe problem that emerges is, in the aftermath of a major failure, one of the first questions that the HSE will be asking is "how did you know it was safe?".

They will be looking closely at the inspection records and determining who was responsible for maintaining the register, examining what training or experience that person possessed in order to enable them to be deemed 'competent' to do so. If an employee of the Scaffolding or Principal contractor made the inspections, however properly, then questions may well be asked.